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What we do is Build


DueNorth provides products and services for SME and Education.

For businesses we offer web and application development, custom integrations, project project management, and more.

For education we offer tools such as Tutor+ and Parent+ on the DoMore+ platform.


About Our Services

DueNorth is a Winnipeg technology company backed by a family of developers and project managers. We build and maintain the DoMore+ platform of educational tools while we work closely with entrepreneurs and SMB’s to help them get started and scale, whatever their technological need.

Business Services

We work with you to better understand your technological needs and then put together a plan to implement changes and or projects. We are application developers, integrators, project managers, and more. Often times we continue to with your post planning and build the solutions with you as if we are your personal in-house IT team.

Click the link below to learn more about our business services.

Educational Services

Our DoMore Plus platform is growing every day. Products like Tutor+ facilitate peer tutoring in schools and provide deep insights into how these programs affect your educational landscape inside and outside of the classroom.

Click the link below to learn more about our educational services.

For Businesses

We plan, blueprint, develop, test, and expand on your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Our expertise in the public and private sector will support your business as you scale.

We can work with you at your scale. SME’s need good IT preplanning and management to effectively scale beyond the local market.

Product Development

Taking product ideas and features to new heights, we are excellent thinkers and love design and engineering innovation.

Project Managment

Having worked on a number of small to medium sized projects, DueNorth can help you keep your IT project in scope and on time.

UX/UI Design

While it is critical that an app or system work – it is also incredibly important that it is usable by the consumer. We think UX/UI in all builds big or small; because who wants to settle for less?!

Systems Design

We have assisted multiple companies in Systems Design and System Architecting. We are well versed with all major cloud providers we can help get your projects and company on the right track.

Web/App Development

We will help assess your web needs and get you on the right platform for the lowest cost.


We host all of our data encrypted and within Canada. We are well versed in FIPPA and PIPEDA and can work with you meet your security needs.


Our team of developers are not just a bunch of ‘devs’- they are our family. With each member trained in test driven development, we follow a structured process – test, build, test, then deploy.

Break Time

We get the work done – nobody said we can’t have fun while we do it! Happy staff makes happy stakeholders. Lunch time video games, board games, and weekly D&D sessions keep the family feeling lively and excited to come into the office.

For Educators

The DoMore Plus platform is built up of several tools that can be used individually or together. We are working on expanding and implementing new products all the time. 

Our north star is to build systems that don’t just solve a single problem but generate more solutions that inspire and enable others to grow.

Have an idea or a need? Contact us, we’d love to help you find your solution in something existing, or perhaps a new pilot product can be built!

Tutor+ in production

Peer to peer tutoring facilitation with integrated machine learning to assist educators, parents, tutors and learners about particular areas that may need improvement.

Parent+ in pilot

Connecting parents with schools for ‘parent-teacher’ appointments and communication. Send home important notices, information and forms with ease.

Mentor+, Intern+, and Reader+ are in development.

The simplistic infrastructure of DoMore+ allows us to flexibly scale the system  to enhance student and educator life. Each product is deeply focused on removing obstacles and barriers – not creating new ones or just moving them around.

Research and Development

DueNorth is vested in contributing to educational research and development. We are working with professionals in Behaviour analysis and machine learning to apply new techniques in learning data analysis to our systems.


Starting isn’t easy, and the maintenance isn’t any easier! We like to learn and grow with our clients – DueNorth has consulted with a number of startups looking to sink their teeth into tech. You can gain from our errors and successes!

Ready to get started?

Get in touch with us and we’d be happy to lend a hand!