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At DueNorth we put a strong emphases on the team and the clients we work with to build better products through better relationships.

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DueNorth is more than a company, it’s a family. Meet ours today

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Where did DueNorth come from? who are they… and what do they want?

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What we bring to the table:
 – Working with a dedicated team
 – Flex and Work from home options
 – Opportunity to grow with a company
 – Plenty of learning
 – Snacks, drinks, and a culture of gaming

About DueNorth

DueNorth is the parent company of Tutor+. We are a tech development company that puts a massive emphasis on learning. Our mission is to bridge the gap between teaching and learning by using innovative technologies to decrease screen time and increase people time, managing the process and workflow of learning along the way.

DueNorth Systems was founded by Jared Kozak and James Warren. Jared and James met in the Royal Canadian Navy Reserve (RCNR) where they discovered that they had similar goals and combined their ideas and experiences to form something larger than themselves: DueNorth Systems. (link to DueNorth Website)


Our Family

Looking to join a community of tinkerers and developers? Get in touch!

James Warren

Business Development

Amanda Camara

Marketing Strategist

Jared Kozak

Technical Lead

Jeremiah Ducut


Olive Yew

Network Security

Scott Murray

Software Engineer

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Sales & HR



Polo Park area,
Winnipeg Manitoba
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