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About Our Services

DueNorth is a Winnipeg technology company backed by a family of developers and project managers. We build and maintain the DoMore+ platform of educational tools while we work closely with entrepreneurs and SMB’s to help them get started and scale, whatever their technological need.

Business Services

We work with you to better understand your technological needs and then put together a plan to implement changes and or projects. We are application developers, integrators, project managers, and more. Often times we continue to with your post planning and build the solutions with you as if we are your personal in-house IT team.

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Educational Services

Our DoMore Plus platform is growing every day. Products like Tutor+ facilitate peer tutoring in schools and provide deep insights into how these programs affect your educational landscape inside and outside of the classroom.

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Research and Development

DueNorth is vested in contributing to educational research and development. We are working with professionals in Behaviour analysis and machine learning to apply new techniques in learning data analysis to our systems.


Starting isn’t easy, and the maintenance isn’t any easier! We like to learn and grow with our clients – DueNorth has consulted with a number of startups looking to sink their teeth into tech. You can gain from our errors and successes!

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